Classes & Lectures


  • Anyone Can Read Tarot Cards (Available upon request for a group of three people or more.)
  • Monthly Tarot Study Group(On-Going)
  • Monthly Astrology Chart Reading Group (On-Going)
  • Tarot a Path to Liberation: the Lesser Mysteries
  • Tarot as a Path to Liberation: the Greater Mysteries
  • The ABC’s of Astrology
  • Prediction in Astrology
  • The Asteroids: Bringing Feminine Balance to the Astrology Chart with the Asteroid Goddesses

Details of all currently scheduled classes follow the lecture section.

Due to a heavy writing schedules all classes are temporarily on hold. If you are interested in a specific class please contact me and I will either refer you to another reputable teacher or put you on a contact list.

In addition to classes, Deanna is available to speak on tarot at your store, organization, or private group. The following titles can be adapted to your needs.

  • Introduction to Tarot: What Tarot is and What it Can Do for You
  • The Mystical Meaning of the Numbers: A Key to Remembering the Minor Arcana
  • Gods & Goddesses of Tarot: An Easy Guide to Understanding the Court Cards
  • Transforming Lead into Gold: Using the Challenging Minor Cards to Your Benefit
  • Death and Descent into Hell: Transforming Darkness into Light with the Major Arcana
  • Tarot and the Ancient Mysteries: the Christian Roots of the Tarot Cards
  • Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot: Kissing Cousins
  • Astrology, Tarot, and the Kundalini
  •  Frodo’s Quest: an Explanation of the Tarot Cards through the Lord of the Rings and Joseph Campbell’s Journey with a Thousand Faces

Second Wednesdays of Every Month, 6:30-8:30 PM, $25

Practice your reading skills in a safe environment with others of like mind. Classes are held in a private home. For more information contact Deanna Frank at or (916) 206-0464

Astrology Chart Reading Study Group
Last Wednesdays of Every Month, 6:30-8:30 PM, $25

We will begin by reading natal charts and then progress to synastric and predictive charts.
Classes will be held in a private home in Folsom

8 Consecutive Evenings
$175 Pre-paid or Payable in two payments of $100 each due on 1st and 5th classes,
Address given upon registration.

This 8-part introductory course teaches you the basics of astrology so that you will be able to begin reading charts.

  1. Introduction – What Is Astrology, The History of Astrology,
    Different Branches:

2.    Elements & Modalities
3.    Planets
4.    Signs & Sign Rulerships
5.    Houses, House Systems, & Intercepted Signs
6.    Aspects
7.    Chart Patterns & Signatures
8.    How to Read a Chart/Basics of Synthesis

Available in a 4 evening weekday or 2 day week-end formats.
Offered upon request for a group of three people or more.

Intermediate as well as beginning students will benefit from this class. Historical fact, psychology & mythology are woven together in story form to help you understand the universal archetypes inherent in the tarot. This class focuses on why the cards have their traditional meanings so that they are easy to remember. $125

  • Introduction
    •   What Tarot Is and What It Can Do For You
    •   History
    •   Symbolism of the Four Suits
  • Minor Arcana
    •   The Court Cards in Depth
    •   Meaning of the Numbers
    •   Sequential Storyline from Ace through 10 for Each Suit
  • Major Arcana
    •   A Journey Through the Spiritual Path Using Stories and Myths
  • Putting It All Together
    •   Preparing to Read
    •   Ethics
    •   Different Spreads & How to Read Them
    •   Drawing for a Sample Reading

For more information or to register contact:
Deanna Frank at 916.206.0464 or

 Tarot as a Path to Liberation:
The Lesser Mysteries

Tarot is a sacred book of wisdom that describes the soul’s descent into matter and subsequent reunion with God. In this innovative course, you will use numerology, guided visualization, and journal writing as tools to guide you on your spiritual journey back to wholeness. (This course is a pre-requisite for The Greater Mysteries series.)

Class 1

  • Ancient Mystery Schools and What They Taught
  • Evolution vs. Initiation in the Ascension Process
  • Degrees of Discipleship
  • The Purpose of the Baptisms of Water and Fire

 Class 2

  • The Spiritual Meanings of the Numbers
  • Using Numerology as a Compass

Class 3 – The First Mystery

Class 4 – The Second Mystery

Class 5 – The Third Mystery

Class 6 – The Fourth Mystery

Class 7 – The Fifth Mystery

Class 8 – The Sixth Mystery

Class 9 – The Seventh Mystery

Class 10 – The Eighth Mystery

Class 11 – The Ninth Mystery

Class 12 – Wrap-up and Closing Ritual

$50 for the month if pre-paid at the beginning of the month or $30 a class if paid individually.
(If a pre-paid class is missed, student will receive full set of handouts and an audio tape of the missed class.)

Location to be Announced

Deanna Frank has been an avid seeker of the truth since 1969. She combines her knowledge of tarot, numerology, esoteric symbolism, religion, and mythology to create easy-to-understand lessons.

“Deanna’s understanding of ancient wisdom and the esoteric mysteries, coupled with her ability to effectively communicate this information is truly a gift.  She is a beacon of light on the pathway, which leads us to a higher dimension of consciousness.” — Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive, Author of “What Color is Your Personality” and “Your Personality, Your Health

For more information contact Deanna at or (916) 206-0464

2014 – 2015 Schedule
Class Closed

For more information contact Deanna Frank at or
(916) 206-0464