directintuitiveSophia Wisdom Teachings is a modern day mystery school that is dedicated to bringing forth the spiritual wisdom from the past so that it can be used in the present. Our focus is to study religions, both past and present, so that we may truly understand Mother-Father God. Tarot numerology and astrology as mystical paths are emphasized. The tarot cards indicate the path that is shown in all religions and spiritual paths; astrology is the roadmap; and numerology is the compass. 

Deanna is a professional tarot card reader, astrologer, psychic and lecturer who has been studying metaphysics and psychology since 1969. Her interest in mythology and religion began even earlier in the 50’s shortly after she learned to read books. She inherited her psychic abilities from her maternal ancestors. Her great-grandmother was a professional psychic and healer and her great-grandfather had been next in a line of descent to become a Buddhist priest.

Her mother who has been psychic her entire life, read playing cards before Deanna was born. Consequently, it is no surprise that Deanna became passionately obsessed with the tarot cards after she was introduced to them in 1977. She is currently completing her first project, Anyone Can Read Tarot Cards, which includes a book and video. Other works in various stages of progress include Tarot as a Path to Liberation Part I, The Lesser Mysteries; Tarot as a Path to Liberation Part 2, The Greater Mysteries; Mystical Christian Tarot Deck; and hopefully someday The Tarot of the Angels and Fairies Meditation Deck, which ironically began it all.

Deanna began teaching others to read the Tarot in 1987 while she was co-owner of Human Potentials, a metaphysical learning canter. Since then she has been a popular instructor all around the Greater Sacramento area. She has taught at all the major bookstores including Cheshire Rose Books, where she was manager and buyer for 8 years. She has also taught regularly at The Creative Awareness Center, East West Bookshop, Phoenix Bookstore and Dry Creek Herb Farm.

Tarot & Direct Intuitive Readings

Deanna’s reading style combines an innate sense of the human psyche along with a deep understanding of the mysteries of life. She uses her insight to help you to navigate yourself through the waters of life.