What People Say

Professional Endorsements

“Deanna presents a uniquely innovative approach to the Tarot mysteries that is, at the same time deeply grounded in the ancient wisdom traditions and mystery schools. Few people are as knowledgeable about the Christian mystical teachings depicted in the cards, nor can they teach them with such joy and clarity.”
— Mary K. Greer, Author of numerous best-selling books on the Tarot including: “Tarot Mirrors”, “Tarot for Your Self”, “Tarot Constellations”, “The Essence of Magic”, “Women of the Golden Dawn”, “Complete Book of Tarot Reversals”, and “21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card”.

“Deanna’s understanding of ancient wisdom and the esoteric mysteries, coupled with her ability to effectively communicate this information is truly a gift. She is a beacon of light on the pathway which leads us to a higher dimension of consciousness.”
— Carol Ritberger, Ph. D., Medical Intuitive
Author of “What Color is Your Personality” and “Your Personality, Your Health”.

Personal Testimonials

“Thanks to your astrological consultations, I’m falling in love with my wife all over again!”
—Tom P., Fair Oaks, CA

“You are so amazing at what you do and I feel so blessed to have you in my life.”
— J.J., Sacramento, CA

“Thanks for helping me to achieve the path to knowledge.”
— Janet K., Bandon, OR

“I have been consulting Deanna Frank for over two years. She has given me confirmation and insight about important life events. In addition, the intuitive readings that Deanna has done for my numerous friends have been highly accurate.”
— Sidney N., Sacramento, CA